Permanent Magnet Generators for Hydroelectric Applications

Our permanent magnet generators have been used in a wide variety of hydroelectric applications. From penstocks to tidal projects, the company’s generators have stood the test of time by providing reliability and affordability in an industry where it is vital. We currently provide permanent magnet alternators for up to 100 KW projects.

Hydropower supplied 6.4% of the world’s primary energy in 2007, equating to almost a fifth of global electricity production. However, most large sites that can be exploited economically have already been developed. Smaller sites are now sought and much of the global undeveloped potential exists with sites under 100 KW in size. One major disadvantage of smaller systems is, being mostly run-of-river, they often experience large seasonal variations in flow. This can be a serious challenge in parts of Africa for example where the river discharge during the wet season is significantly greater than that during the dry season, and this will be exacerbated by climate change. This can be managed by having a variable speed permanent magnet generator that is able to utilize varying water flows for generating electricity.

Tidal and Hydrokinetic Power

Tidal power seems to take a front seat in the growing search for power sources that will fuel the growing global power demand. Permanent magnet alternators are required for tidal power due to the high fluctuations in water levels and the velocities of water. PMGL looks to play a leading role in serving this market going forward by matching its products with those in need of the industry.
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Advantages of Low RPM Hydro Permanent Magnet Generators

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How Do Hydro Permanent Magnet Generators Work?

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Hydro Permanent Magnet Generators: Price vs RPM

Hydro permanent magnet generators are operated at different speeds. But price becomes a compensation factor when varying the speed of the alternator. Price of an alternator is inversely proportional to the speed. Decreasing speed will result in increasing the size of the alternator. Know this and more by clicking here.

Hydro Permanent Magnet Generators: Voltage vs RPM

Voltage generated is directly proportional to the speed of the prime mover. Increasing RPM and Increasing the load will have effect on voltage in a hydro permanent magnet generator. Hence a relation between these factors is essential for manufacturers. Know his and more by clicking here.

Gearboxes give way to Direct Driven Turbines & Hydro Permanent Magnet Generators 

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