Permanent Magnet Generators for Diesel Engines


Conventional DG sets use traditional alternators which are much larger, heavier, noisier and up to 35% less efficient. Using a permanent magnet generator decreases operating expenditures by lowering service time and fuel consumption. The fuel savings in permanent magnet DC Generator sets is at least a 15% with just the change in the alternator. Combined with a smart variable speed DC generator controller, the savings can increase above 45%.

DC Generator Kit

To get your operations underway, PMG has developed a DC Generator kit including

DC Generator 1
1) High Speed Bearingless Alternator

2) Smart DC Generator Controller

3) Optimized High Frequency Rectifier

4) Customized Wire Harness

PMG can match any engine in the market to optimize performance and increase fuel savings. To date, PMG has designed and developed systems for up to 150 kW making the company an experienced group in the direct mounted bearingless alternators.