Model EE-5-150 is the 5 kw at 150 RPM unit. This unit has been used in small wind turbines for over 5 years. This unit can be configured for use with a vertical axis turbine or a horizontal axis turbine. The most popular configuration on this unit is an aluminum body with flange mounting on either the front or the back end covers.


  • Aluminum Housing and End Covers (Optional MS Body)
  • SKF Bearing Assemblies
  • Stainless Steel Shaft (Optional: Hardened EN24)
  • H Class Insulation
  • Very Low Cogging
  • Proprietary Design to reduce cogging and increase efficiency
  • High Grade Silicon Steel Laminations
  • Highest Grade NdFeB Magnets



5 kw 150 rpm Data Sheet


5 kW 150 RPM