Series Hybrid Alternators

A permanent magnet alternator is the core of a successful, fuel efficient Series Hybrid Drivetrain. There are many advantages of permanent magnet series hybrid alternators over the traditional induction alternator. Foremost, the fuel consumption is much lower and the maintenance servicing is spread much further apart. Standout points of comparison are the length, high efficiency, and the simple integration of operation. The new technology is overall superior to the old mechanics of the traditional alternator.

Energy Saving


The PMGL Series-Hybrid Alternator (SH-PMG) reduces operating expenditures by reducing the fuel consumed. A proprietary design was engineered and constructed and that reduces the electric ripple and maintains efficiency through a range of rpms. The peak efficiency is engineered over 93%. The alternator is coupled with the Smart DC controller which feeds the power into the battery bank or directly into the DC power load.

Easy Maintenance

The bearing less SH-PMG unit reduces wear and tear and does not require continuous maintenance. The design of the machine enables coupling to any housing layout and is capable of using any manufacturer’s driveshaft. The permanent magnet alternator has no bearings, slip rings, brushes, exciters, or attached diodes. This eliminates the areas prone to failure and increases the longevity of the product. Once it is installed, there are no routine maintenance requirements for the alternator. By providing variable speed functionality, the engine is always running at its ideal operating speed which provides optimum torque and a low vibration of the engine.

Compact Design

With a reduced length and diameter, the SH-PMG units are 30% less in size than traditional alternatives. The units compete in the greatest Power to Size and Power to Weight ratios worldwide.

Power flow diagram for a typical series hybrid application

Series Hybrid Power Flow Diagram

PMG Range of Series Hybrid Alternators

Series Hybrid Alternator Size Chart

PMG Series Hybrid Alternator Frame Sizes

Series Hybrid Alternator Frame Sizes

Series Hybrid Application Areas

      Construction equipment
      Cleaning vehicles (sweeping Truck)
      Lawn/Turf Equipment
      Defense/Military equipment
              Refrigerator/Cooling equipment