Telecom DC Generators


The telecom sector is one of the largest consumers of energy worldwide. Each BTS site requires continuous power without interruption to serve customers’ mobile telephony needs. This requires for each site to have a back up power supply available in the form of a generator and battery bank. In addition to sites requiring back up power, many sites especially in developing countries lack a grid connection. Therefore, they rely entirely on distributed generation in the forms of a generator and renewable energy.

To power up, BTS signals require DC power. Traditionally, back up power sites have used AC generators because of their availability in the market. These generators have not been engineered to maximize efficiency and instead try to be the lowest capital expenditure as possible.
DC Generator Alternator
PMG’s DC Generators meet the telecom sector needs by the following measures:

The DC Generator use a high efficient permanent magnet alternator rated at over 93% efficient. This compares to a traditional alternator having less than 78% efficiency which dramatically reduces at decreased loads.
The DC Generator uses a Variable Smart DC Generator Controller. This changes the speed of the engine according the load requirement of the site. The engine lowers the speed as the electric load decreases. Doing all of this while maintaining a constant charging voltage.