BLDC Motors: Cleaning Equipment Application


PMGL recognizes the cleaning industry as one of the major markets for BLDC applications. PMGL’s approach to its BLDC designs has been driven by the customer in mind. The company has taken great lengths to work with machine manufacturers and release products that the industry requires. BLDC motors are a natural fit for cleaning products because of some of the following attributes:

Portability/No Plug – DC Power

Cleaning equipment often requires battery storage for portability. With a battery system, DC power will be the primary source. With DC power inputs, there are three primary options:

  1. DC Brushed Motor – Prone to failure as the premise of the motor relies on components rubbing against each other.
  2. AC Motor with Inverter – This would be the most costly solution and still not as efficient as a BLDC.
  3. BLDC Motor – Brushless and built to last. This is the option for a company looking to build a product that leaves a great impression with the end user.



The PMGL BLDC motors offer an average of less than 30% in size and weight versus traditional motors. This decreases the total weight and size of the equipment while maintaining the strength of the overall product.


PMGL is the industry leaders in BLDC efficiency. Whether the application uses a diesel fuel source or an electric source, efficiency has become more and more critical to end application users.

Speed Control

Cleaning equipment requires speed control. There is no better option for speed control than BLDC controller. Maintaining high torque levels at low rpms is critical for a wide range of applications.

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