BLDC Motors: Heating and Ventilation Equipment


BLDC motors improve efficiency and performance of ventilation equipment. The applications vary in size from small to very large. The most important aspects for this equipment are the 1) product lifespan and the 2) efficiency.

BLDC Lifespan

Given the applications of ventilation equipment, PMGL assumes almost a constant running time and speed. This puts considerable stress on the motor. Products require motors that have been designed to outlast all other components. This translates into less electrical loading and better bearings with mechanical interfaces.

BLDC Efficiency

When any motor is constantly running, efficiency is critical. PMGL BLDC motors have the highest efficiency levels in the industry which save end users cost and improves their bottom lines. In any application BLDC is critical, whether it be with large cooling fans for thermal power plants or indoor air conditioning units for a home.

Specific Applications

Air conditioners, refrigerators, ventilators, pumps used for floor-heating systems, water heaters and other home equipment.

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