PM Generators Ltd. has set up a factory in Northern India and is leading India’s market place for permanent magnet generators from 1 kilowatt to 100 kilowatts. Generating power through permanent magnetic fields is the latest technology for powering windmills, hydro energy and hybrid vehicles. Deepak Singh, CEO of PMGL,and an IIT graduate and the team has a combined experience of over 25 years in working with permanent magnet generators. Mr. Singh is enthusiastic to bring the technical advancements to India and intends to accelerate the industrial progress of the country.

The leading Indian power companies looking for superior generators will no longer have to order from China or abroad which can cause lengthy time delays with customs duty and often times much higher costs. PM Generators Ltd. designs with higher power efficiencies than conventional induction motors by using the strongest commercially available magnets and advanced windings. This creates greater precision over competitors worldwide.

Presently, PM Generators Ltd. has international contracts for using their generators for the wind energy industry. They also have secured a long term contract for supplying to small hydro projects. PMGL has the technical expertise to customize generators and are continuously doing research and development.