Quality Control

Every step of the manufacturing process is inspected by our quality control team. All of our instrumentation are updated on a monitored schedule. Sizes of all machined components reach the highest level of precision worldwide. Windings are tested individually and together before undergoing the vacuum sealed varnishing process. All generators are thoroughly tested before sent to the customer.

We have a fully automated testing bed where we measure the voltage, amperes, torque and temperatures and varying rpms. We are the only manufacturer know to us that tests each product before shipping and fully stand behind the quality of product that we produce.

ISO CertificationISO 9001

PMGL/EEPL is certified in designing, developing, manufacturing and supplying of permanent magnet alternators, motors and downstream products.

EEPC Certification EEPC Certificate2

PMGL/EEPL is registered and an active member of the Engineering Export Promotion Council of India. This is the leading export promotion group in India.