Traditional generators need to revolve at 1800 revolutions per minute to generate power. This requires a great expenditure of energy to produce a feasible amount of power. With low RPM generators, there is the advantage of power production at low revolutions per minute. The low RPM generator starts producing power at a single RPM. There are several advantages associated with a low RPM generator in terms of performance, reliability and life of the equipment. The low rpm permanent magnet generator uses powerful neodymium magnets that create a permanent magnetic field around the conducting coils.

Below mentioned are some advantages of low RPM generators:

Low cost: These generators not only provide higher efficiency than traditional alternators but they also have low cost structures reducing upfront capital costs. The lower weight compared to DC generators reduces the cost of materials.

Low maintenance: The permanent magnet generators don’t require extensive maintenance as these are designed to operate in an optimum manner. The neodymium magnets used in these generators have a high working temperature which ensures that these magnets will not demagnetize very soon and continue to provide services for a long time to come.

Reliable Power Output: The permanent magnet generators are a highly reliable source of power as they work at low speeds which leads to less wear and tear of various parts of the generators. As there are no slip rings used in these generators, these are simple to maintain and ideal for power production for a longer duration of time.

Simple Design: These generators have a simple design which makes it easy to produce them and also helps in proper maintenance and repairs in future.

Different Sizes: These generators are available in different sizes and capacities that allow users to choose one that meets their requirements and budget. Whether a permanent magnet generator is coupled with a wind turbine for a small business facility or for power needs of a small house, these generators are perfect for all applications.

The low RPM generators once deployed can provide years of usage. The low cost of these generators makes them an ideal choice for customers who are looking for a reliable power source at an affordable price. One can find out more about these generators from various sources on the internet and can also use the services of manufacturers who will build a custom permanent magnet generator as per own specifications.