BLDC Motors: Adaptations

On a small scale, brushless motors have many applications and are showing up in hard drives, CD/DVD players, pumps, fans, robotic vacuum cleaners, coffee machines, mixers, hair dryers, portable power tools and just about everything else with variable speed applications. They are used as a popular motor choice for helping to increase the battery life.
On a bigger scale, green vehicles continue to grow in acceptance and automakers expect the brushless DC motors to eventually dominate the market. Innovations are accelerating in the electric car manufacturing industry and economists predict that by the year 2020, up to 33% of new car purchases worldwide will be for green cars.
Green car manufacturers prefer BLDC motors because of their fast motor responses. The high-performance and small-diameter of the magnetic rotors allow for a high acceleration rate. This optimal motor response allows for more constant speeds and instant speed regulation for a quieter drive. Hybrid vehicles also use a BLDC motor. Green car manufacturers prefer BLDC motors over the alternatives because the efficiency is higher and rotor cooling is simpler. The motors can also operate at its maximum efficiency levels.
For industrial applications, brushless DC motors are mainly used in servo, actuation, positioning, and variable speed applications where precise motion control and stable operation are critical. This provides accurate operation of the manufacturing or industrial process. They are commonly used as linear motors and extruder drive motors. Emerging Energies Pvt. Ltd., located in Mohali, India have experienced engineering talent and manufacturing resources to find the best motor-electronics-value added assembly solution to solve a multitude of BLDC solutions. Their specialty is creating a custom design for innovative companies that want to be pioneers in their field.