BLDC Geared Motors

 At the intersection of efficiency and cost effective solutions, enters the BLDC gear motor. The cost and size of BLDC motors decrease by increasing the rpm. While designing a complete electric vehicle the total cost factors must be considered when deciding between a BLDC geared motor or BLDC direct drive motor.
PMGL offers all of our motors with a gear as an optional feature to the unit. PMGL uses a planetary gear system which reduces the rpm of the motor output shaft and minimizes the efficiency lost in the process. This planetary gear system provides a direct inline shaft that maintains the weight balance of the whole system. For high volume applications, BLDC gear motors require a customized gear system. The reason for the customized gear system is that for each power output a gear structure can be optimized to reduce efficiency losses. Apart from the sizing of the gear system, shaft inputs and outputs need to be configured to reduce frictional loss of the whole system.
With PMGL’s BLDC motors, clients can be assured of the most efficient units in the industry. This increases battery time between charges and increases users’ satisfaction.
To see our line of regularly made BLDC motors, please click here BLDC Motors or for a BLDC geared motor please send your request to the PMGL team for further information.