BLDC Motors: Adapting to All Applications

BLDC Motors: Adaptations

On a small scale, brushless motors have many applications and are showing up in hard drives, CD/DVD players, pumps, fans, robotic vacuum cleaners, coffee machines, mixers, hair dryers, portable power tools and just about everything else with variable speed applications. They are used as a popular motor choice for helping to increase the battery life.
On a bigger scale, green vehicles continue to grow in acceptance and automakers expect the brushless DC motors to eventually dominate the market. Innovations are accelerating in the electric car manufacturing industry and economists predict that by the year 2020, up to 33% of new car purchases worldwide will be for green cars.
Green car manufacturers prefer BLDC motors because of their fast motor responses. The high-performance and small-diameter of the magnetic rotors allow for a high acceleration rate. This optimal motor response allows for more constant speeds and instant speed regulation for a quieter drive. Hybrid vehicles also use a BLDC motor. Green car manufacturers prefer BLDC motors over the alternatives because the efficiency is higher and rotor cooling is simpler. The motors can also operate at its maximum efficiency levels.
For industrial applications, brushless DC motors are mainly used in servo, actuation, positioning, and variable speed applications where precise motion control and stable operation are critical. This provides accurate operation of the manufacturing or industrial process. They are commonly used as linear motors and extruder drive motors. Emerging Energies Pvt. Ltd., located in Mohali, India have experienced engineering talent and manufacturing resources to find the best motor-electronics-value added assembly solution to solve a multitude of BLDC solutions. Their specialty is creating a custom design for innovative companies that want to be pioneers in their field.

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Customized BLDC Motors

Customized BLDC Motors

PMGL manufactures customized brushless motors to directly align with customer requirements. As a provider to OEMs, PMGL recognizes the BLDC motors require specialized torque and rpm ratings for each individual application. Apart from the electrical properties of the motors, the mechanical constraints also give way to customized machines.
Take for example, a BLDC requirement in an appliance that requires close to fixed speed operation versus an appliance that requires a large variance in BLDC operation. PMGL will take both brushless motor requirements individually and find the peak efficient design for the customer’s requirements. This leads to several benefits to the appliance.
1. The size of the motor is optimized. Instead of having a motor larger than the requirement, space is minimized yielding more space for the rest of the machine.
2. Efficiency is increased. While using almost any BLDC motor will improve efficiency over a conventional motor, it is best to maximize the efficiency of the system for comparison with other industry options.
3. Optimizing the size and the efficiency of the system will in turn improve the longevity of the product.
If you looking for an economical solution for customized BLDC motors then we encourage you to begin the conversation with PMGL.

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BLDC Geared Motors

BLDC Geared Motors

 At the intersection of efficiency and cost effective solutions, enters the BLDC gear motor. The cost and size of BLDC motors decrease by increasing the rpm. While designing a complete electric vehicle the total cost factors must be considered when deciding between a BLDC geared motor or BLDC direct drive motor.
PMGL offers all of our motors with a gear as an optional feature to the unit. PMGL uses a planetary gear system which reduces the rpm of the motor output shaft and minimizes the efficiency lost in the process. This planetary gear system provides a direct inline shaft that maintains the weight balance of the whole system. For high volume applications, BLDC gear motors require a customized gear system. The reason for the customized gear system is that for each power output a gear structure can be optimized to reduce efficiency losses. Apart from the sizing of the gear system, shaft inputs and outputs need to be configured to reduce frictional loss of the whole system.
With PMGL’s BLDC motors, clients can be assured of the most efficient units in the industry. This increases battery time between charges and increases users’ satisfaction.
To see our line of regularly made BLDC motors, please click here BLDC Motors or for a BLDC geared motor please send your request to the PMGL team for further information.

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BLDC Motor Manufacturer

Brushless DC Motor Manufacturer

PMG is a BLDC manufacturer offering direct pricing on the most efficient BLDC motors, BLDC Drive Motors and hub BLDC motors. As a leading BLDC motor manufacturer, PMG has entered into long term supply agreements with major machine manufacturers in the cleaning equipment, and vehicle verticals among others.
As a brushless DC motor manufacturer, PMG uses the highest grade permanent magnet material available. Both sensor and sensorless technology is manufactured depending on the application and customer requirement. Through the BLDC manufacturer process, it is important to ensure certain quality measurers. As a BLDC motor manufacturer, PMG advises potential purchasers to ensure certain processes are adhered to by the supplier:

    1. Dynamically Balanced Rotor – Many BLDCs are manufactured to run at high speeds and therefore, any imbalance in the rotor can reduce the lifespan of the unit.

    2. Class of Insulation – The difference in costs for BLDC manufactures of low grade insulation versus high grade insulation is high; therefore, many manufactures try to use lower grades. As a BLDC manufacturer, PMG recognizes the requirement for high grade insulation in all of its products to ensure a long life.

    3. Rotor Protection – When motors turn at high rpms, proper protection of magnets is required to prevent the magnets from moving outward with the centrifugal force. PMG has developed its own proprietary method in constraining the magnets to the rotor in a safe way that improves longevity of the motor.

    4. Motor Loading – Just because a motor is rated to a certain power output does not mean it was optimally designed for that power or is it safe for continuous operation at that level. Motors have different current loading capabilities. The higher current per conductor space after a threshold level is bad for the motor.

There are many other points purchasing departments must consider when evaluating BLDC manufacturers but the above should be a starting point. Please feel free to contact PMG, regarding its BLDC manufacturing process in more detail.

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Permanent Magnet Generators for Renewable Energy

Permanent Magnet Generator for Renewable Energy

The rate of depletion of conventional energy sources is increasing day by day.

This has affected the application of non-conventional energy sources over conventional. The renewable energy sources such  as  wind, solar,  small  scale  hydro  power  plants,  biogas  etc. also provide better environmental protection.

With global energy shortages and depletion of fuel resources combined with fuel’s increasing cost, there is increasingly interest for alternative or renewable generators. New technologies are being sought to harness the resources efficiently and reliably with being cost-effective.

PMG Classification

Permanent magnet generators are categorized on basis of structure and direction of flux path;


i.            Radial-flux permanent magnet machines (RFPM)

ii.            Axial-flux  permanent-magnet machines  (AFPM)

iii.            Transverse-flux  permanent-magnet machines (TFPM)


Features of Permanent Magnet favoring Renewable Sector


  • High Efficiency and Power Factor


More efficient and reliable energy conversion methods are constantly being sought for renewable energy applications. The permanent magnet is a concept that offers the feature. Other advantages include their relatively better power factors than other energy sources.



  • Direct-Drive


A chief application of variable speed generator is for wind turbine. Many small systems utilize direct-drive as they operate at high turbine speeds. Direct-drive can also be used in large turbines.


  • Low Maintenance

PM machines do not require power electronic tools or gearboxes. Maintenance is thus reduced.



Unlike the Induction generators (IGs), the PMGs can be built with large diameters and high pole numbers.

They offer many benefits such as their brushless feature, ruggedness, easy maintenance, protection against short circuits and heavy overloads, etc.


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PMGL Introduces Permanent Magnet Motors

PMGL has introduced a line of brushless permanent magnet motors. The company has expanded on its world renowned alternator line to include motors that are set to reach the highest efficiency levels on the market.

The brushless permanent magnet motors will take a strong footing in all rotating machines where efficiency is critical. Some of the markets that have been focused on are the cleaning machine manufacturers, textile plants, and motor lifts.

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Operating Sequence in Hybrid System

In a conventional diesel-powered system the generator has capacity of running the load and recharging battery. To ensure a reasonable recharge time, the generator must be sized much greater than the load. But most of the time the generator is just powering the load, running between 30% and 60 % of maximum load.                                                                       The hybrid system changes this so that the generator is always running at close to full load. It operates only to charge the batteries. Once the batteries are charged, it stops.


Steps of Hybrid System Operation

i)  Hybrid system starts with a fully charged battery

ii)  Generator is turned off, and the battery takes the load

iii)  When battery is discharged to a set level, the generator restarts and recharges the battery

iv)  Generator is turned off again

Typically a hybrid generator will run for about 50% or less of the total time. For the rest of the time, the battery is discharging.                                                                                                  A full cycle can take around one day.  But the time taken depends on the features of battery, generator and load, and the process of optimization of generator operation.


Hybrid Generator Maintenance Interval

Instead of running 100% of the time at moderate load, the hybrid generator runs at full load for 50% of the time or less. The generator service interval is based on run time and not load, and so the service is at least twice as long. This provides a direct saving in truck rolls.                                                                                                                                           Generator life is similarly increased, so replacement costs are much lower.

Among other features, hybrid transmission may be readily installed in an existing vehicle driveline.


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Applications of Hybrid Generator

For a remote telecom site powered by a diesel variable speed generators, the hybrid solution can provide significant fuel and other OPEX savings.

Hybrid generator dramatically reduces fuel consumption and costs and total cost of ownership, while also reducing emissions. It reduces maintenance requirements and offers a more reliable power solution as compared to dc diesel generators.

HyGens find application in following areas:

  • Remote Telecom Towers
  • Mining
  • Military Forces
  • Disaster Relief
  • Remote/Distribute Power

The hybrid dc generator model is a typical solution in which the hybrid power unit battery is recharged automatically by a renewable energy source.


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PMG– Maintenance and Safety Tips

A Permanent Magnet Generator (PMG) is an electrical machine that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy.

Carrying out certain maintenance procedures and functions can be dangerous or even fatal if correct safety precautions are not observed;

– Pre-Function Precaution

Before attempting to set up, adjust or operate synchronous machines, operators and must have technical qualification or have received appropriate related training. Personnel must thoroughly go through PMGL’s ‘User’s Manual’ on safety instructions, and follow them.

– Sense of Symbols & Decals

It is required for the user to be familiar with all the warning symbols and decals of the machinery.
Failure to observe a warning sign or read the associated safety information may cause physical injury or death.

– Escape high temperatures

PMGs are able to reach high temperatures. Users must avoid any direct contact with them. Protective gloves must be used by individuals working in vicinity of the machines.

– Protection from Moving parts

Covers removed as part of maintenance, setting-up or installation process must be done by qualified people. They must then be re-fitted as soon as possible.
Keep hands and loose clothing away from all moving parts.

– Insulation to Electrical hazard

PMGs induce high voltage when there is certain rotational speed. During its installation, one must prevent touching its voltage output terminals and wires. Protective insulation is highly recommended.

– Threat of Magnetic fields

There is a magnetic field present in the immediate area around a PMG, even when it is not operating.
The devices that can be influenced or wiped by electro-magnetism (e.g. magnetic
disks, watches, credit cards,) must be removed from the area. A magnetic field can alter the effect of some medicine devices like a pacemaker. Such devices must therefore be avoided close to a PMG.

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Direct-Drive Wind Permanent Magnet Generators

Investigation shows increasing demand for wind generators with large output power used for hybrid generators in remote areas. There is a growing demand in remote areas for small to medium rating (till 20 kW) wind generators for the stand-alone generation-battery systems. The type of generator required for the purpose must be light and compact so that the generators can be coupled directly to wind turbines and be easily installed at the top of towers.

The rotor of a wind turbine rotates at speed of around 20-200 rpm. In conventional wind power plants a generator is coupled to a turbine with a gear so that it rotates at a speed of 1000 to 1500 rpm. Gears can be eliminated in a wind power plant by a low-speed generator with the rotor rotating at the same speed as the turbine rotor.

With the development of high-energy permanent magnet substances, it has become possible to make the permanent magnet variable speed generators more compact and reliable.                                                                                                                                               The majority of the low speed wind turbine generators use permanent magnet generators. These offer advantages of high reliability and efficiency as conductor losses are removed from the rotor and there is no requirement of external excitation.

Direct-Coupled over Gearbox-Coupled Generator

In comparison to a traditional gearbox-coupled wind turbine generator, adirectly-coupled generator has several advantages such as:

– Reduced size of the system
– Lower maintenance and installation cost
– Flexible control method                                                                                                                   – Easy and fast response to load variations, wind fluctuation, etc.

A directly-coupled generator requires a very low-speed operation to match wind turbine speed and also to produce electricity with a normal frequency range (10-60 Hz).Permanent magnet generators offer a high efficiency in operation, and a simple, robust structure in construction as rotor winding and field current are not used.

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